True freedom or 75 years of slavery?

True freedom or 75 years of slavery?

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In Faisalabad, a father committed suicide by putting a knife on the throats of his two daughters due to poverty. In Baldia Town, a father died of a heart attack due to excessive bills, leaving his four children orphaned and his widow with slaves. These incidents are becoming normal now. Earlier, when such news came, the government was cursed, but now the silence is adopted everywhere. The reason is rising inflation and its lack of control:

75 years have passed since Pakistan gained its independence. Although Pakistan was freed, its citizens remain slaves. We were British slaves prior to independence, and afterward, we were British slaves. Still, these folks have greater faith in the US and UK than in Pakistan. They are also aware that they hold the key to our future. We are powerless without the IMF, as stated by Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail… We will do whatever the IMF says.

This demonstrates that there is a government in place, but it is one that supports British enslavement rather than Pakistan. The phrase “live in freedom” is only heart-warming rhetoric. In actuality, if things continue as they are, we will still be slaves tomorrow, just as we are today, God willing.

If the price of gasoline rises, then so be it; if the poor cannot afford grain, then so be it; and if people suffer from poverty-related deaths, then let them. We must comply with our master’s wishes. Additionally, the master is not feeling well today, so the IMF has also shunned the situation. The Army Chief’s request, which was made to the United States first and then Saudi Arabia subsequently, is evidence that the United States is not at all pleased with our politicians. We must, however, always follow our lord since we are property.

Our politicians already do this, and one more has now been added.

A young person recently questioned me about independence and the significance of August 14 in general. I waited a bit after hearing the question before answering simply, “We are celebrating 75 years of slavery.” After winning their independence from the British on August 14, they were forced into servitude by feudal lords, vaders, and crooked individuals. The boy simply stated that it meant we are slaves because he was unable to understand what I had said. We are still slaves now, I retorted.

All facilities are available in our nation, but they are just for the powerful and elected officials. There is still Rokhi Sokhi roti nowadays. The biggest example of this is Karachi.

Long periods of darkness have enveloped the so-called City of Lights, but the private power supply company’s electricity cannot be avoided… Be it over-billing or a computer glitch, the bill has been mandated to be paid. It is called slavery. Although you pay the government tariff for power, the corporation determines when you can use it. This will also be selected by the business, whether you want to submit a bill for Rs 1000 or Rs 100,000. The timing of the bill payment is also up to the business. Even a single day of late payment will result in a penalty set by the business at its sole discretion. Also slavery, this is.

Water is abundant throughout the city.

Every year the rains fill the hub dam, which is enough water for the city of Quaid for three years, but still, we have to buy water by tankers instead lines in order to profit from the tanker mafia. Slavery also applies here. There is no lack of wheat in our country, but it is not distributed to the general populace and instead rots in government warehouses. While people are going hungry and scraping their heels, giving them wheat and forbidding them from even eating it is considered slavery.

We have a tonne of difficulties despite having plenty of resources and no shortage of labor, and the only thing that sounds like a labor shortage is slavery.

Every year, rain causes potholes to appear on Karachi’s roads, but no one even inquires as to what happened to the money allocated the previous year for road construction by the works department. This also fits the definition of slavery.

The agency whose job it is to examine these rates is too busy improving the lives of their children by paying themselves salaries with our hard-earned money to have time for us. Slavery also applies here.

Your labor of love went towards purchasing the car, along with the tax. Although parking is required, you must still pay a daily tax to the traffic police in the form of a challan. After that, an additional annual tax must be paid. In addition, this is slavery. Slavery also occurs when someone grabs all you own in the open while brandishing a gun. The only distinction between them and the government is that the former uses its weapons to plunder the populace, while the latter receives its money from taxes without providing any services. Likewise, this is slavery.

Despite the fact that we are actually enslaved in the worst way, we are content to believe that we are free, By escalating. 

On August 14th, the world is making fun of us, but we believe it is happy for us. If you ever get a chance, on August 14, you will carefully examine the sarcastic smile on the face of an Englishman. You will recognize your slavery.

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