What happened if the marks are low, becoming an MBBS doctor is not difficult anymore:

What happened if the marks are low, becoming an MBBS doctor is not difficult anymore:

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Every year millions of children in Pakistan do not get medical education even with 80/90% marks and due to ignorance, they choose subjects that have no future in the future. Parents are more than children. They lose courage and do not take pains to make children’s careers.

Don’t think that your children are your future, shaping the future of your children is actually shaping your own future. Yesterday, one of my friends from Kyrgyzstan was telling me that Pakistan will also change and after only five years, Pakistan will rise to extreme development. Therefore, Pakistanis should bring their children towards professional education from now.

There will be many mechanism changes here, if big institutions do not understand, they will sink and if small institutions understand, they will come up, with why the next era is now education skills and knowledge.

Artificial intelligence will change the concept of everything from food to medicine. It is said that in the next ten years there will be a dire need for doctors and paramedical staff in America, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, and Arab countries.

WHO is creating a standard for each country, so those countries and people who have doctors in their homes will be more successful. Medical education has become very expensive and difficult, private medical colleges take a donation of 15.2 million before admitting anyone, while the annual fee of 12 million is in addition to this, one crore rupees would be spent to make a doctor in Pakistan. In five years.

The second important thing is that children who have 60% marks and aspire to become medical doctors can also get admission to the university of this country. During the last ten to twelve years, at least 5 thousand students have received medical education from Kyrgyzstan and MBB. S has become a doctor.

He said, Pakistani people don’t understand this, good medical education is being given in the surrounding countries, so send your children to the highest medical colleges in these countries, especially in Kyrgyzstan. The annual fee is up to 6 lakh including food and hostel, While now they are taught the same books as they are taught here in King Edward Medical College, Allama Iqbal, or Nishtar Medical University, while the professors are also Pakistani, they do not have to learn Kyrgyz language and in five years they become full doctors and including Pakistan. They are taken hand in hand in any country in the world.

On the other hand, those who go to China and Russia have to first learn the language and take medical education in their language, which causes the student to suffer from double problems. It takes two years and extra money.

I was surprised to hear this, a few months ago there was a report that India and Bangladesh were sending their students to Central Asia for medical education.

About 30,000 medical students from India are studying in Central Asia, while about 13,000 medical students from Pakistan are there.

On the other hand, we do not take tact and courage to suppress the aspirations of our children and give them professional education. Otherwise, in today’s world, children should be sent to study outside Pakistan as well because the coming era will completely change into a global village. The borders of the countries will remain, but the needs of all will be the same. Children are our asset and to save and build their future, we have to focus on giving them medical education.

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