Only three hours or three percent:

Only three hours or three percent:

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According to a well-known medical journal, 7200 stillborn babies are born every day around the world, and the statistics are increasing and reach about 2.6 lakhs throughout the year. More than Africa, Toco, and Mali.

And among the children who come into the world in good health, a large number of them die before reaching the age of puberty, suffering from polio, dengue, and many other diseases. According to a non-governmental organization working for promotion), 42% in rural and 26% in urban areas miss out on basic education.

Only a small number of children born at the same time reach the university level, and only a few of the children who graduate from university succeed in working life, and in working life According to Allama Iqbal:-

The pain was created for the heart of man – otherwise, there would not be fewer cherubim for obedience

One of these rare people is Faraz Ahmed of Nawaz, Faraz Ahmed came to the United Arab Emirates in search of livelihood. We don’t have enough time to arrange a job for you, it was the time when it was said about Dubai that you don’t get a job until you get blisters on your feet. After constant hard work and effort, Faraz finally got the gem, and then with the passage of time, Faraz improved his steps. After setting himself up, Faraz Ahmed thought that others should not have to face the blackness of the desert, and he took the burden of guiding the newcomers. Heading to the United Arab Emirates.

In the beginning, he used to go around the coffee shops alone and try to direct the new arrivals, then with the passage of time, as we traveled, it became a caravan. With the kindness of Khalid Chaudhry, every Friday from 3 to 6 o’clock in the social center, unemployed, and semi-unemployed people from any country lead the way. These training are provided free of charge to all people, mainly Pakistanis. For, our aim is to get more and more Pakistanis employed to increase the foreign exchange of the country, people who cannot come to Sharjah. For them, once a month, this training session is organized at the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Faraz Ahmed told my question.

Hundreds of people are benefiting from this effort of Faraz Ahmed; each person is a family. People who went back as soon as they came into the world, those who suffered from diseases and were not able to do any constructive activity within the society, those who were deprived of education, we could also be among them) realizing that thanks to Taking two or three hours out of her weekly leave, she started guiding people around her.

If this is not possible, allocate a part of your salary, two-thirds of your salary, if you have the courage, then allocate five percent to those people who are waiting for our attention. It will become, but it will also become the support of many helpless people.

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