When Pakistan became a nuclear power…

When Pakistan became a nuclear power…

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To know what was the spirit that brought a small and poor country of the third world against the great powers of the world, whose legs tremble even today in the heads of many countries. May 28 is a day of honor and pride not only for Pakistan but also for the entire Muslim Ummah when the Islamic Republic of Pakistan seventh nuclear electricity in the world and the first nuclear energy in the Islamic world and the whole world had to accept its nuclear functionality willingly. This is the day that made Pakistan and the people of Pakistan proud and added it to the list of the most important countries in the world by significantly increasing the importance and prestige of Pakistan in the list of nations. The main reason for the position and status of Pakistan in the world today is its nuclear capability.

Pakistan actually conducted these nuclear tests in response to India’s nuclear explosions which were carried out by India in the second week of May 1998. India had done similar stupidity in 1974. India’s belligerence has always been a threat to the countries of South Asia and the power imbalance in the region goes to India. Thus, he is always busy with some plan against Pakistan, but sometimes his war frenzy creates many defense problems for other countries, breaking all the limits of reason.

Be it the Indian fascist leadership or their institutions have always been afraid of the truth. Like the illegal actions of August 5, 2019, the case against Yasin Malik is also illegal and illegitimate. Taking such a decision brought shame to India itself, “India is following the plan to destroy the representative real leadership of Kashmiris” India’s dark laws and judicial system are against the universal and natural requirements. India may want to no longer understand that a country can’t be enslaved with the aid of coercion, kingdom terrorism, black legal guidelines, and punishments, notwithstanding being fed up many times.

There was once a comparable situation in the 12 months of 1998 when India made 6 nuclear explosions and sounded the alarm now not only for South Asia but additionally for the peace-loving nations of the whole world. In these circumstances, Pakistan had no choice but to conduct its own nuclear tests in comparison to India’s nuclear explosions. World powers were not in favor of this. By deciding not to accept any pressure, Pakistan has proved that no major power in the world can stand in the way of Pakistan’s decisions. The entire Pakistani nation became a lead wall and the entire nation had only one demand that India should be answered with bricks and stones.

On May 28, 1998, Pakistan became a nuclear power by carrying out nuclear tests in the mountains of the remote Chagai district of Balochistan and thus joined the list of nuclear countries in the world. Pakistan is the first country in the Muslim world to achieve this honor by successfully detonating a nuclear weapon. Historical facts bear witness that India forced Pakistan to do the same by first detonating nuclear weapons.

Pakistan is a peaceful country that has tried to establish friendly relations with countries all over the world and has good relations with neighboring countries as well. Since its inception, Pakistan has spread the message of peace, stability, and prosperity in the world and has been committed to it. Pakistan never willingly took the route of battle however continually India imposed conflict on Pakistan and Pakistan had to defend itself.

The wars of 1948, 1965 and 1971 are proof of India’s aggressive coverage. Whether it is the usurpation of Kashmir or atrocities on minorities in India, India has resorted to violence in all locations Although none of India’s neighboring international locations are protected from its atrocities, its greatest intention is Pakistan. In Delhi, Calcutta, Agra, Ahmedabad and different Indian cities, tens of millions of humans sleep on footpaths. They neither have two foods a day nor a region to remain however their authorities would not care. All its emphasis is on combat preparations towards Pakistan. International businesses have over and over warned the Indian authorities to limit their protection expenditure and make bigger their finances for social development, however, it is no longer doing so. Even the minorities residing internal India are no longer protected from its atrocities.

Although India had carried out a nuclear explosion in 1974, however in a frenzy of combat and to set up its dominance in South Asia, it carried out six greater explosions in May 1998. Pakistan’s nuclear software was once and is usually for peaceable purposes.

The greater than 3,000 km Japanese border of Pakistan is shared by way of the U.S. which has by no means actually diagnosed Pakistan. To counter its war craze, Pakistan has no desire however to maintain its protection abilities tremendous at all costs. In this context, Pakistan began its peaceable nuclear application in the 1970s. Decades later, Pakistan’s nuclear exams in 1998 shook no longer solely India but additionally the Western world. Although the united states are dealing with many social and financial problems, nonetheless we are proud that we are a nuclear power. Our forces are the exceptional forces in the world successful of countering any risk which has been hostilities India’s conflict frenzy for seventy-four years with braveness and intelligence.

Dedicated to the spirit of trust and professionalism, the Pakistan Army nowadays is armed with nuclear weapons. No strength in the world can appear down upon Pakistan. Institutions like the Pakistan Army and the Atomic Energy Commission are the capital of Pakistan and the human beings of Pakistan.

When Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam back from England in December 1946, he stayed in Cairo. While addressing all the heads of state, journalists, intellectuals and countrywide leaders of the Arab nations and the Nation of Islam, he stated that what do you suppose that the Muslims of the subcontinent are solely striving for a separate impartial and unbiased country for themselves and They are making great sacrifices.

This is correct, however possibly now not in your thinking and assumption that we are war the battle of the complete Islamic world in the subcontinent. This struggle of ours is to defend you against Hindu colonialism and English despotism and oppression, and you ought to be covered from the Mahabharata scheme of the Hindus. His ambition is to triumph over the complete Middle East. We are struggling your warfare in the sub-continent so that all Islamic nations proceed to attain prosperity and perfection in the mild of their superb records with freedom and independence and peace and tranquility.

This speech had an amazing influence on all the leaders and used to be properly favored by way of home and overseas journalists and the sayings of Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam had been introduced with headlines in the newspapers of Arab countries.

It is an undisputed truth that the institution of Pakistan, India and Islamic international locations grew to become a wall between China and the Himalayas, so a nuclear Pakistan is a fence of Islam for the Islamic world. Hisar is trust and Iqan, the safety of which is additionally the non-secular responsibility of the complete Islamic world.

Now it is the responsibility of all of us to not only maintain this global prestige but to take it to further success. The Pakistani nation believes in peace, love and brotherhood. No power in the world can challenge it. Nuclear Pakistan is God’s blessing. Nuclear Pakistan is also the protector of Islam. Nuclear Pakistan is also faith and belief. This blessing of God should be valued. Happy Takbeer Day to the people of Pakistan!!

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