10 Low Competition Freelance Websites For Newbie Writers in 2023:

10 Low Competition Freelance Websites For Newbie Writers in 2023:

You are currently viewing 10 Low Competition Freelance Websites For Newbie Writers in 2023:

Actually, there are some new websites that are actually paying high to the newbie writers for writers, Let’s discuss those platforms in this article.

Top rated sellers of Fiverr, Upwork will advise you not to join Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers.com

Why ought you pick low-competition freelance websites?

When you practice as a novice to well-known freelancing websites, the probabilities of getting an undertaking are very low.

These websites have big competition, and there are many freelancers that are greater knowledgeable and skilled than you.

Another horrific factor is that these freelancing websites hold on growing their shares, so freelancers have to expand their quotes of services.

Because of that, many purchasers depart these websites.

Starting as a novice freelance writer, follow low-competition websites for jobs.

These websites can assist you to construct sturdy connections with customers except competing for low prices.

After getting initiatives on these websites, you can observe well-known freelancing websites.

I will inform you about 10 low-competitive freelance websites the place you can follow as a new freelance writer.

1. Clouds peeps

Clouds Peep is a first-rate low opposition freelance internet site that is owned by way of a small company.

If you are assured sufficient about your skills, experience, and offerings you will grant to clients, then you ought to practice to this website.

The pay per challenge is pretty generous, however, they will reduce 15% off the revenue you get from the first project.


2. Servicescape

Service is a step-by-step growing, low-competition freelance internet site that covers tasks in writing, translation, and image design.

This platform focuses on these three initiatives for freelancing websites.

This internet site is top in shape for professionals and new freelancers. You simply have to fill out their profile, sign-up form and create an account.


3. Bonnle

Bonnie is a special low aggressive freelancing internet site for innovative people. Freelancers follow it in accordance with their pursuits and begin their first project.

Plus factor is that it offers a crew of freelancers to collaborate and work collectively on a project.

This is a fantastic platform for new corporations and writers with special thoughts to put these thoughts to work.

This internet site cuts 30% off each and every undertaking completed.


.4. Speed Lancer

Speed Lancer is a new famous low-competition freelancing internet site for new freelancers.

However, the recruitment method is tough due to the fact this employer accepts solely quality freelancers.

If you can entire a venture fastly within four hours and supply it to the client, then you have to practice for this company.

It cuts off 20% of your first earnings.


5. Periodix

Periodix is an excellent low-competition freelancing internet site that suggests jobs from quite a number of networks.

It presents far-off jobs in specific fields:

graphic design



customer support


This internet site updates job records each day so you can search every day and follow for high-quality far-flung jobs.


6. Contena

Contena is a new low-competition freelancing internet site that covers faraway jobs for copywriters and freelance writers.

It affords work of a number of possibilities like article writing, weblog posts, fiction writing, technical writing, resumes, and cowl letter writing.

The registration procedure is pretty easy and you do not want to bid on tasks to get your first job.


7. Sell Crowd

This is an absolutely distinctive internet site for new freelancers.

You can promote your offerings proper away, or you can practice for far-flung jobs on this website.


8. Zeerk

Zeerk is a 5 years ancient new low opposition freelancing internet site developing with new freelancers.

It approves you to promote your offerings for from $5-$500.

You can register and begin promoting offerings for free. This platform will reduce off 8–20% from every sale.


9. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is no longer a freelancing company, however, it presents jobs to freelancers.

It helps personnel discover far-flung jobs near the vicinity they stay in.

They additionally grant freelancing gigs.


10. Freelancer Club

This Uk internet site affords two picks to freelancers:

1. A free account with restricted features.

2. A top-class format for $11.9 9 per month.

It permits freelancers to bid on more than a few projects and commercial enterprise directories, and rank excessively on the chart.

11. Job outsource

This top-notch organization affords recruitment possibilities offline and online.

This platform offers offerings from copywriters to digital assistants, gardeners, and a good deal more.

You can begin free with restrained points and get admission with a 10% platform fee, or you can purchase a top-rate design with a 3% rate for $199.


Final Thoughts

I hope you will think about the above low-competition websites whilst beginning your career. It is exceptional to think about low-competition websites than to get rejected on well-known freelancing sites. Apply to these new websites cautiously after analyzing the phrases and conditions.

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