Panadol Shortage in Pakistan: 10 Best Alternatives

Panadol Shortage in Pakistan: 10 Best Alternatives

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“Panadol,” additionally recognized as “Pakistan’s qomi toffee,” is leaving our pharmacies. Imagine how we will live on except our oxygen, additionally recognized as Panadol. It will be challenging, however eventually, we will have to analyze to stay barring it. Now, you won’t be in a position to get admission to this drug for each and every minor inconvenience in your life. Its scarcity has left the residents devastated.


Pakistan is dealing with an extreme scarcity of Panadol at the moment. The broadly used OTC medicinal drug is no longer being produced by its manufacturer, which spells in addition doom for the flood victims in dire need of the drug. What has prompted the scarcity of this drug? And what Panadol options are accessible in Pakistan that you can use instead? Read the article to locate out!

What Caused The Shortage of Panadol in Pakistan?

The purpose at the back of the Panadol scarcity is that it’s no longer financially plausible for its producer to proceed producing it. The producer has additionally requested authorities to extend the charge of Panadol by way of Rs. 1 per pill to no avail.

As pronounced by way of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association of Pakistan, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) requested the expand of the charge of Panadol by using Rs.1 per pill to the fitness ministry. However, the report was once rejected by means of the federal cabinet.


Therefore, Panadol’s producer has now halted manufacturing of a big 450 million tablets, which it used to be producing per month. They have additionally mentioned that they can’t promote the medicinal drug at a decrease rate than the manufacturing cost.

Panadol scarcity took region because the manufacturing fee of the medicinal drug used to be extra than the promoting price. The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) requested the fitness ministry to make bigger the rate of Panadol through Rs. 1 per tablet, in accordance to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association of Pakistan. It was, however, rejected by way of the federal cabinet. Consequently, Panadol’s producer has halted manufacturing of 450 million capsules per month, which it was once producing previously.

List Of Panadol Alternatives You Can Buy in Pakistan

Paracetamol is sold under various brand names in Pakistan. below is a list of medicines that can be used as an alternative to this drug:

  1. Ibuprofen
  2. Codeine
  3. Vamol
  4. Pracmol
  5. Askprol
  6. Calpol
  7. Doliprane
  8. Paracetamol
  9. Boschtamol
  10.  Disprol

Pakistan’s Current Situation


Currently, Pakistan is going via a horrible time. Heavy flooding has hit one-third of Pakistan and left tens of millions homeless. Due to standing water at locations and monsoon, dengue has unfold at a very quickly pace. Due to all the adversities, the demand for Panadol has improved significantly. Thanks to alternatives, we will be in a position to continue to exist in this situation. For greater data about which choice of this drug, you have to use and its dosage, refer to your General Physician.


Panadol, one of the most frequent drugs to grant alleviation from fever and pain’ has stopped manufacturing in Pakistan. 💊 It may additionally no longer be without difficulty handy for Pakistanis anymore, however right here are some preferences to this drug that can furnish the equal relief.

Final Thoughts

The scarcity of Panadol has taken region at a horrible time with rising rural and city demand for medicine, particularly in flood-affected areas. Moreover, dengue instances are rising in the country, similarly including to the already developing demand for the drug.


Thankfully, Panadol selections are effortlessly reachable in Pakistan and can grant some much-needed alleviation to sufferers regardless of the scarce availability of Panadol. As a ultimate note, it is counseled to be cautious of substandard and pretend capsules of Panadol which are being offered at some pharmacies for the duration of this time, as referred to by way of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).


Panadol’s scarcity in Pakistan is induced due to the fact that rate because of manufacturing the remedy is greater than the cost. Moreover, due to flooding and dengue, the demand for remedy has increased, leaving a extreme furnish shortage. Thankfully, some selections for Panadol can be used as a replacement.

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