How To Help Children Stay Safe Online?

How To Help Children Stay Safe Online?

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Islam is an entire code of life, its suggestions are helpful no longer for Muslims yet for the entire mankind. Islam has declared modesty as a section of trust and discourages nudity and immorality. In this article, we are going to elaborate on how to stay online and keep your children safe online.


When it comes to modern-day life, technological know-how continues to infiltrate greater components of our lives. Must to spotlight that many of the eighty-three million net customers in Pakistan are younger human beings. Who can fall prey to unsafe online content material? Which might also lead to social/immoral troubles and even involvement in serious crimes at a later stage.

It starts off involved with looking for indecent/immoral online content material. Which may additionally lead to the younger man or woman committing illegal acts and indulging in heinous cybercrime. The wide variety of such kids is growing day by way of the day. If now not controlled, it might also have a devastating impact on our society at large.


In this technological era, we can’t deprive younger humans and young people of the usage of the internet/social media. Yet, we can inform them about the dangers related to online activities. Online dangers fluctuate through age, gender, and united states to country. However, searching/viewing sexual content material may additionally be the riskiest online hazard. Being confronted by way of our children can incite them to different immoral crimes.

To mitigate the risk, dads and moms want to speak and talk with their adolescents about such online content. They need to additionally discuss to them cyberbullying, predators, inappropriate online content, and related felony consequences.

For deterrence, kids need to be made conscious of the prevailing web legal guidelines of Pakistan. Which consists of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 and (ii) Removal and Blocking of Unlawful Online Content (Procedure, Oversight, and Safeguards), Rule 2021 to avoid initiation of penal consequences.

Some tips designed for parents/guardians to limit online dangers for their teenagers have been summarized and listed below:


  • Always spare time for your kids. Treat your child like a buddy and usually maintain conversation channels open so that they may additionally share any risk of being confronted over the internet/social media.
  • Always carry attainable online dangers to your kids and how to keep away from related dangers for example: do now not interact with strangers, don’t expose private data to anyone, don’t permit strangers into your group/page, don’t follow their guidelines, etc.
  • Use parental management software programs to set controls over IT gadgets as per age requirements like set watch time, permitting terrific applications, getting entry to records, etc. A listing of parental manipulation software programs is additionally handy on the PTA internet site (on the domestic web page beneath “quick link”) or without delay download by means of clicking here.
  • Try to usually vicinity the pc in an open space, so you can maintain an eye on their online activities.
  • Encourage and supply probability for things to do to your children as a substitute for letting them play on-line video video games, especially video games that have violent imagery. Excessive use of such video games may additionally have a terrible effect on kids’ persona and health, when children have higher publicity to violence they may additionally imitate the violence they see and exhibit aggressive conduct whilst interacting with other children of equal age groups.


Additionally, customers can file prohibited content material to the involved Social Media Platform(s) or to PTA to make certain its speedy elimination to mitigate related dangers in defamation cases. PTA has devised an uncomplicated Complaint Management System (CMS) for immediate lodging of grievances at or setting up PTA CMS cellular app (available on Android & iOS. Users can additionally electronic mail to: or file a grievance on Prime Minister Citizen’s Portal (PM Portal).

With significant discussions and mutual coordinated efforts. We can forestall our kids from online dangers and assist them to navigate the online house securely.

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